Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Conservative Blogs Follow Up

So a while ago I asked after some good conservative blogs in order to balance out my reading material.  I also spent quite a lot of time searching on my own and here's my conclusion: there are no good conservative blogs.  

Basically, the closest you can get is mises libertarian stuff where maybe one in four or five articles has some intellectual merit, but even there we only get a tiny amount of evidence based information... maybe one in 20 articles actually uses real world numbers to support its points.  As far as actual main stream republicanism goes, there does not appear to be a SINGLE intelligent thinker in the entire blogosphere.  I am eager to be proven wrong here, and have spent quite a lot of my time and resources attempting to prove myself wrong, but I'm convinced.

Dear Republican party, I would like to know about the deep thinking behind your sound bytes.  If I cannot find any evidence in support of that thinking anywhere, I am inclined to believe that there is none.

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