Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Graphical Reasons for Agreeing With Me

Here are pictures and links to show you why you should share my opinions about Healthcare, Taxation, Economic Stimulus, Austerity, and Republican Claims of Fiscal Responsibility.


We should switch to single-payer government healthcare. Kenneth Arrow says so.

We spend by far the most with the most privatized system:

Even the Government's health spending is crazily high. (that's us spending more as % of GDP on our seniors and elderly than Canada, or Australia, or Switzerland, or Spain, or Italy, or Norway, or the UK spend on their entire populations.):

And the socialist quality-of-care outcomes at home and abroad are better or the same.

Stimulus spending:

We should do more of it.  Paul Krugman says so.

It worked (reversed the crash).  This chart color codes job gain/loss by president.  Obama passed the stimulus bill pretty much right away, on the heels of another stimulus passed by Bush at the very end of his term, and shortly after the economy started doing the thing where it sucked a lot less.  (Obama's election here is just a convenient central data point to stimulus)

Or see the GDP version

And that despite the recession was so much worse than we realized when crafting the stimulus.


Now is not the time.  Investors are willing to pay us to take their money.

And if we do nothing, the medium term problem disappears... (the Extended-Baseline Scenario is what happens if congress never passes a law again.  Note how projected revenue stays the same as projected costs)

In the long run healthcare eats everything... 

which is why we should go to single payer healthcare. 


It'd be okay to raise them (preferably after the recession ends). I have a whole post of pictures and links about this.

Republican "fiscal responsibility":

Bush didn't have it:

I'll probably try to expand this post occasionally and give it more and better figures and graphics as I accrue or change beliefs, but this is a decent summary for now.

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