Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some sustainability science of interest

I saw this article which does a nice job of summing up some of the thoughts and concerns regarding the impact of ecological damage.  I don't know why exactly this topic interests me, other than that it seems to be a part of politics where I'm right of left and left of right and don't have much in the way of company in the discourse. Still, I'll keep posting informational articles until I get bored or form some substantial opinions that can stand on their own in the company of the evidence.


  1. Good article, but I don't understand what the "paradox" is. I don't think the two effects (human life improvement and environmental decline) are mutually exclusive.

  2. I agree--I think the article does as well--but it is counter to intuition that wrecking the environment doesn't really seem to have done us any damage yet.