Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diatribes and Discourse

Hi, I'm Rory.

I'm sure most of you know me already, but for those of you who don't, I'm a bioinformatician working at the University of Notre Dame.  My areas of (trained) expertise are Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and English (in no particular order).  My primary emotion is righteous indignation, but I try to temper it with open-mindedness (strictly after the point of confrontation) and an attempt to recognize and account for my own biases.  I think ideas get better the more you challenge them, which kind of leads me into the point of this blog.

This is meant to be a record of and expansion upon arguments, discussions, and diatribes in which I participate.  The point is to get down ideas about politics, policy, morality and ethics that I encounter or come up with in my day to day life, and maybe expand upon or comment on them.  Hopefully this will give me a chance to fess up to my friends and sparring partners when I get something wrong, and gloat when I get something super extra mega right.  It might even give me a chance to synthesize complicated ideas, and engage with things I encounter on the intarwebs.

So here's what to expect:  Arguments regarding policy and politics.  Supporting information for those arguments, and links to thought provoking materials.  I'd also like to see some spirited debate in the comments (which I will never moderate or censor, but in which I may be an active participant).

Hope you enjoy yourselves.

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