Monday, January 31, 2011

State of the Union Part 2

Here's a summary of the content of the state of the union:

The empty introduction part:
Sad about Giffords
America is Great
Stock Markets are good and companies make money but people still dont have any jobs
Working on that
Manufacturing is dead in america
China and India are better at early tech education than we are
America is Great
Some bullshit about the vacuous questions students answer instead of memorizing equations
Win the Future

The Goals Part:
Innovation is Important
America is Great (as told through anecdotes)
Stop paying big oil and use the money to invest in innovation
Hilariously distant and ambitious goal for clean energy
Education is Important
My Education plan is Great (as told through anecdotes)
Some actually sane stuff about immigrants and education
Infrastructure is Important

The "Footing the Bill" Part:
Sane corporate tax code
Increase exports
rationalize business regulation
keep obamacare
Austerity measures
Personal Tax Reform

Miscellaneous Posturing:
earmarks => veto idiocy

The Propaganda fade out bit:
America is Great
We're "winning" the "war against terror"
America is Great (in diplomacy too)
Us Politicians are folks just like you
America is Great

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  1. I like your synopsis. Brief and to the point.