Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vegas Preliminaries

I finally found a site offering some historical gambling data (thought not as much as I'd like).  For those of you too lazy to click, this is the key thing:

Straight Up Trends (Won Loss Tie)

Away Teams11-67-014.10%
Home Teams67-11-085.90%
Away Favorites5-2-071.43%
Away Dogs6-65-08.45%
Home Favorites65-6-091.55%
Home Dogs2-5-028.57%

So I'm still getting my head around the way this works, but at a glance it looks like the picked favorites do well, and that this week betting on the home team was a good call.  Not surprising for opening week I guess.  It'll be interesting to see what happens with these going forward.  As a sidenote, I also found a site doing comprehensive statistics on college football.  I suspect we'll be seeing some comparisons between Notre Dame and the general field in this blog's future.

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